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Your privacy

We guarantee the privacy of our customers in respect with your personal information. All legal and decency standards will be respected by us at all times.

How do we handle this information?

The information is stored in our database, will be obviously used this for processing orders, and it will be used to improve our web shop and other tools. If necessary we use your information to get in contact with you. We reserve the right to register your IP address and other information. IP addresses can be used to profile visitors and use this for site evaluation. This information helps us to further develop this website, for example in the field of design and layout or product offerings. For the case of website abuse we also can trace the abuser. We will always report this abuse!

Can I see my information?

Your personal data can be accessed by you and if necessary, modified or removed. Personal data are not provided to third parties.

Who has access to the data?

Access to the records have only those persons that are designated by FP4All within the scope of their activities.

What are my rights regarding the registration?

You can by means of a written request which includes your name, address, phone and e-mail address, inspect your records. If we or any third party inspection disproportionate in their interests, we have the right to deny the request. If you are registered then you will be informed, per email, of our decision within one month of receipt of the request for review.

How can I remove my information from the database?

Personal information can be removed on request from the record if: "These data prove to be incorrect; "The registration of the data recorded is not for the purpose where it is intended for; "The registration of this information in violation of any statutory provision.

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